Are xqc and adept still dating

We often find him at the center of controversies. However, recently, he broke the internet with an adorable gesture. This has subsequently led his fans to go crazy. Article continues below this ad. At the heart of this entire incident is an online rumor. The community had long speculated that the popular Twitch streamer Adeptthebest was in a relationship with the fellow streamer and roommate, xQc.

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But while dating, the Twitch couple were an absolute fan favorite. However, xQc initially introduced Xqf as his roommate instead of his girlfriend. Article continues below this ad. Felix Lengyel was living with a fellow Twitch streamer Adept for quite a long time. Fans started speculating that the two were dating, but they rejected those claims and stuck with the roommate title. As mentioned, the Twitch duo initially introduced themselves as roommates instead xxqc couples.

xQc Adorably Spills The Beans about Him Dating Twitch Streamer Adept - EssentiallySports


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Lengyel formed part of the team that represented Canada in the, and Overwatch World Cup campaigns. Felix is an avid streamer on Twitchwhere he delights his over 3. Go here known online as adeptthebest is an online gamer and a regular collaborator with Felix. She xqcc has close to K followers on her Twitch channel and There is no denying that Felix and Adept are very close. They so close that rumors about them being in a relationship have persisted for close to two years.

But Adept later shared on Twitter that he was not abusive, and they separated for other reasons. They now share a friendly relationship, but we will miss this adorable couple.

Were you a fan of xQc and Adept? America's Favorites TomBrady. Trending in U. Home eSports. By Ripan Majumdar. Adept made me feel good. Adept is also very satisfied with how far she has come as a gamer, but she harbors dreams of a career outside gaming. In college, she majored in business administration and interior design, and she desires to put the knowledge she acquired into good use.

She said :. I still want to do interior design. I just have a lot of dreams and I want to go after all of it. Felix Lengyel was born on 12th November in Quebec, Canada. His parents separated when he was one year old, forcing him and his brother to grow up in shared custody. After graduating from high school, Felix joined pre-university to study human science, but he dropped out after three years to pursue a gaming career. He gained a decent following playing League of Legends, but it was Overwatch that made Felix a national star.

Felix caused further controversy after appearing to racially insult African-American broadcaster Malik Forte. Dallas Fuel claimed that Felix and the team agreed that Felix leave the team, but Felix told The Washington Post that the team kicked him out. He said:. I blame myself for not thinking of the possible worst ways these things could be seen by the mainstream people too.

To this, most fans have replied saying that they have known this for a while now as it was really obvious. However, xQc has commented nothing about this yet. In other news, the clip of this incident currently has over K views. America's Favorites TomBrady. Trending in U. Home eSports. By Samyarup Chowdhury.

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