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Home ยป 18 Years Old or Years-Old? When to Hyphenate Years Old. When should you hyphenate the phrase years old? Is someone 18 years old or years-old? In this post, I want to give click here some advice on dealing with age in your writing. How should you write ages?

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Elijah Tidswell is one of the candidates for the Montana Senate in District Tidswell turned 18 in June, which means that if he wins he'll be the youngest person ever elected to a state office in Go here. I'm excited," Tidswell said. Tidswell graduated early from Senior High rae last year, which was perfect timing for him to take a gap year between high school and college while spending his time campaigning in Billings. While he's only 18, Tidswell has always had an interest in yewrs.

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With that being said, it is a wonderful thing to turn 18! There are so many freedoms you are enabled to have, but then again, those freedoms still seem too hard to reach and that is because of PARENTS. Think about it. At 18 years old we are either seniors in high school or we are in ot typically. In college, you are responsible for yourself.

The Philadelphia Police Department is olded an incident in which an year-old was reportedly shot twice in a train station early Thursday Police recovered click here spent shell casings from the scene, the local station reported. Fox News reached out to the Philadelphia Police for more information, but they did not immediately respond. According to local WCAU, Small said the year-old male victim approached a police officer in the station at approximately 4 a. The unidentified man was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

I think he just lives and breathes it. Tidswell's opponent has a completely different perspective of life. At 79, Kathy Kelker has been a part of politics for a long time, serving the maximum of four sessions on Montana's House of Representatives. Now she's trying her luck at a Senate seat. When I finished the House I thought I was finished.

Tidswell said he plans to go to college eventually, but if he is to win the seat he'll move to Helena and get to work. His mom just hopes that people hear him out. Tidswell said the experience has been challenging, but plenty rewarding, especially for a kid who's loved politics from an early age. If you want to listen and learn more about the candidates and their platforms, see the attached interviews below. News Local News. Actions Facebook Tweet Email. By: Charlie Klepps. The unidentified man was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

He is reported to be in stable condition. Police reportedly viewed surveillance footage and said, according to WCAU, that a fight took place in the underground station, and it apparently led to the shooting.

The incident comes as Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner faces criticism โ€” as well as an investigation and calls for impeachment โ€” over his crime policies during a wave that has seen 1, killings and a record 1, carjackings in Krasner was held in contempt of the state House for failing to comply with a subpoena for records related to crime in the city.

Krasner's office called the actions against him a "politically motivated effort to remove twice elected chief prosecutor Larry Krasner from office โ€” despite there being no allegation of crime or official misconduct[. The three Republican lawmakers leading the impeachment effort said in June that impeachment is not something they take lightly and that their decision is "due to the willful refusal by District Attorney Krasner to enforce existing law.

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