Can you hook amp up factory car stereo

Hamtronics is supported by its audience. When you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. An amplifier upgrades the listening experience for you and your passengers in the car. Please click for source improves the clarity of your speaker, prevents distortion, and reduces road noise. If you want to add an amp to factory radio, this tutorial is for you.

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Windupradio is supported by its audience. When you purchase via our links, we may get a commission. Learn more. However, if you do not have fatcory knowledge of this process, this learn more here may be challenging or impossible for you. Through this article, we will explain how to install an amp in a car with factory radio. The number of channels is one of the standout differentiators of amplifiers. In most cases, the channel number of an amplifier is somewhere between one and six.

How to Install an Amp in a Car With Factory Radio in 8 Steps?


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Wiki User. Yes, but I don't know how specifically. You need to know the wattage load that the car stereo can hold first to be sure the speakers can handle the power. Check the manual for the stereo specs and check the amp outage specs. After that, I'd ask electronics store ccan any tips they have. Online dating to be safe, you can get shocked if you rewire it wrong. Disconnect the battery first.

However, you can still add a subwoofer without an amplifier. Then, if the power light comes on, you can be sure that the amplifier has a good board. You do not need to install an amplifier if you do not care about the sound quality or are happy with the existing system. However, the addition of an amplifier is necessary when you want to improve your sound quality.

So are you ready to enjoy powerful sound in your car for a long time? Also, if you find this guide on how to install an amp in a car with factory radio helpful, you can share it with people that need some help. Thank you! Working with Adam is so much fun, as his stories and experiences enrich my knowledge about radio communications and radio accessories. My main tasks in Wind Up Radio are building content and generating great articles on different topics around radio accessories.

Is the power rating in an audio amplifier critical? Can you use a subwoofer without an amp? How do I check an amp to see if it works? Do you need an amp for my aftermarket radio? Amplifiers usually do not come with installation wiring. This kit has the necessary wiring ground and power wires and fuses. The price of a 1-channel amplifier usually ranges from 80 dollars to dollars. If you are looking for a multi-channel amp, choose a top-quality model that ranges from to dollars.

The power of the subwoofer is significantly increased. By installing a high-quality amplifier, you will get louder sound without distortion. As a result, the clarity of the sound is not affected when you increase the volume. If you are looking to upgrade the speakers, installing a new amplifier is essential. It will help your new speakers reach their full potential. In fact, your new speakers are unlikely to achieve optimal performance with the built-in amplifier.

The car stereo amp on a Lincoln town car Is in the trunk, right side behind the seat. Could be the factory amp had more power than the aftermarket unit most are around watts or so they clam. But I'm sure these are overrated as well. If you plan on keeping the original stereo in the car, and simply want to upgrade, you would need an amplifier with a High Level Input. That allows you to splice the signal from the speaker wires since factory decks dont have RCA outputs.

But you can also buy a high level input converter from a car audio shop for cheap, and that will allow any amp to hook up to it. If you plan on amping the factory speakers though, you might want to reconsider. Unless you have a factory upgraded stereo, your speakers are generally made out of paper.

I hope that was helpful! The capacitor is there to store the power so that the power isnt drained from the car at once. It helps reduce the strain placed on the vehicles electric system.

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Find more answers Ask your question. Related questions. Follow these steps:. Then, plug the RCA cables into the converter. The red jack goes into the red input and the black jack goes into the black input. When you have connected everything, leave the stereo out just in case you need to correct the wiring later.

So, you need to run the power cable from the battery in the engine bay to the amp in the trunk. Run it on the same side of the battery to make it short and clean. For now, leave it at the kick panel and secure the other end in the engine compartment with a zip tie. Run the remote wire from the line output converter to the firewall hole that holds the power cable. After that, hold them together and run them to the amp. Stay away from the gas and brake pedals, run the wires at a slant across the floor.

Then, run them through the sill plate, middle pillar, rear sill plate, and the back seat, and pull the wires to the trunk. You can use zip ties along the way to keep the wires in place. Similarly, run the RCA cable signal from the output line converter to the trunk on the other side of the car.

Instead, run it diagonally across the floor, through the sill plate, middle pillar, rear sill plate, and the back seats, and pull the cable to the trunk.

Though it saves you some time, the cables will overlap one another and cause sound interference. After that, connect them to the amp. The red power wire goes into the volt input. The blue remote wire goes into the turn-on input REM. The red and black RCA jacks go into the red and black input.

The fuse holder helps to cut the power in the event of an overcurrent. This is the last thing you need to set up to install aftermarket amp to factory stereo. Go to the engine bay and carry out these steps:. Finally, connect the short cable to the positive terminal of the battery by a crimp ring and you have succeeded in adding an amp to factory stereo. On many amplifiers, you need to set up the filters and gains to prevent distortion. So, do that if necessary.

Once you have finished, reassemble the dash and panels and secure them properly.

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