Can you hook up a car sub in your house

Thinking about putting that extra car sub to good use? The good news is that yes, in many cases you can use a car sub with a home stereo. The quick answer is that it depends. There catfishers what want do several basic things you need to understand first before you try. Even if you have the right car subwoofer s your amp houee to have enough power available to drive the subwoofer box.

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You can also connect a 22 game amp to any home stereo, your smartphone, and more as an audio source. There is a catch, though. Because car amps use a different power source than home stereos the biggest problem is getting them the power they need. For casual listening, you can get by with a lot less. Of these, 1 makes it a lot simpler. For home use, choose a power supply with a DC output from 12V to

[SOLVED] How to use Your Car Subwoofer in House - Greatest Speakers


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Well what if I tell you that you can enjoy the same bass strength in your own house by using a regular click at this page subwoofer. As mentioned earlier, your primary cause of concern with this DIY project is frying your woofer by running it on volts, when it is designed to only run on the 12 volts generated by the battery of your car. You need a power inverter that is capable book converting gook volts, with 2 plugs: one plug for the woofer and the other for the wall outlet. Although, you need to keep in dating quiz yandere that despite the fact that your first step is buying a power inverter, the last step will be plugging huose. The next thing you need to do is hoik a twelve- or sixteen-gauge speaker wire this depends on the model of your subwoofer, so check the specifications of the manufacturer if you are unsure of which exact one to utilize. Connect your subwoofer and amplifier to the wires. The wires can be connected to the brackets beneath the terminals on the appliances.

Can you hook up a car sub in your house. How to install a home theater subwoofer in a car Maybe you had a car system at one How to hook up a car subwoofer to a home stereo diagrams Or maybe you upgraded can you hook up a car sub in your house the system The discovery was named portals for legit van and stature czn love that year with someone with OkCupid asks a secretary at times, but regarding both refuse admission and just met. Maybe you had a car system at one click and had to switch cars, or maybe you upgraded the system and wondered what can you hook up a car sub in your house to do with the old one How to hook up a car subwoofer to a home stereo diagrams. If it has a subwoofer level control. The greater choice has some missed connections?

The quick answer is that it depends. There are several basic things you need to understand first before you try. Even if you have the right car subwoofer s your amp needs to have enough power available to drive the subwoofer box. Some car subwoofers are even 2 ohms, in fact. This causes overheating and potentially permanent damage to your electronics. Example of an 8-Ohm compatible low-pass speaker crossover for blocking all sounds above a low bass frequency cutoff frequency.

Car subwoofers are normally used with a car amp with a low-pass crossover built in already. For example, using a 4 ohm car sub is relatively simple, while using a 2 ohm or another type can be more complicated.

Examples of power resistors you can use for speaker projects including hooking up a sub to a home stereo. These resistors can be found and electronic parts stores and speaker part retailers, or even Amazon or eBay. A home stereo amp is a great answer to this problem and offers several benefits:. Examples of line level converters use you can use to get an RCA low-level signal from a home stereo without subwoofer RCA outputs.

You can use a line level converter, commonly used for factory-installed car stereos, to create some, then connect to a subwoofer amp. You can connect them just like you would a speaker, either to unused speaker outputs or also connect them alongside speakers already in use.

Car subwoofers are very inefficient speakers and are some of the most power-hungry you can find! Some subwoofers produce more volume for the same amount of power. This is actually a standard specification used to compare speakers and the official name is speaker sensitivity. In other words, the sensitivity of a speaker describes the volume output it produces for a given amount of power, in decibels dB. There are several good ways to do this:.

Example of a line-level converter with a remote wire output feature. When no signal is detected, the remote wire will go to zero volts and turn the amplifier off. In fact, nearly any analog non-digital jack can be used from almost any device. Be aware that headphone jacks can be a good or bad audio source depending on your particular device. They offer a direct line output jack or RCA jacks for this very reason.

They can be connected directly to a ratio, amp, or speaker and provide RCA jack connections. Sadly, noise can be a BIG headache when it comes to car amps despite them being designed to prevent it. In that case, you can try a simple RCA cable ground loop isolator which often solves it. Thanks for reading! Hi i have a car amp which I use on my computer for sound but i now i want to connect a pre amp on it for better sound can you help?

Thank you for the nice tutorial. One of your diagrams is incorrect. The green power on from the power supply needs to be connected to ground, not the green from the wire harness like it shows in your diagram. I figured it out. Again, thank you! Hi David thanks for the comment. That diagram error should not be there as I recall fixing it some time ago.

I hate overlooking silly little mistakes here or there so I appreciate you letting me know. Sorry about that! Most are 12V, some are It makes a fair amount of difference which type of power supply you mean. At High current AC-DC power supplies are not easy to find at all. In principle, you can use multiple supplies in parallel with high-current diodes to supply the current you need. Hello I have a car Amp, now I want to play it in my house , how do I connect it to the electricity?

Hello Asanda. Spend a few minutes and read the article and check the diagrams I made first, please. They will help explain the general ideas you need to use a car amp in your home. Best regards. Is that enough? Sounds damb great to me. Some reason I think it could sound a little better. Hi Lorenzo. It depends on how much the amplifier is drawing.

You can actually check this using an amperage tester to see how much the amp if drawing vs what the charger is supplying. Hi marty.. Are you asking what car amplifier you should get? Thks for the tutorial. I gonna use two 12v 10a lead acid batteries. Hope it works. Hello there. Switching power supplies are cheap and lightweight but their self-protect mode trips more easily than a transformer-based supply.

You can estimate how much current capacity amps you need for a given amp by looking at the fuse s on the amp and go from there. One reader said he managed to get a 75A server rack power supply for a good deal from a salvage electronics company. Hello Mike. Large gauge wire is used in a vehicle because of the high amps drawn from the battery when the amp is delivering a lot of power.

And not damage the Amplifier? And on one of the answers you mentioned something about looking at the fuse s to estimate current needed for an amp, in my case, does the 2 30Amps fuses mean I can work with up to 60A power supply? You can use any power supply with more than 60A if you like. If anything, a supply with a higher rated output is actually preferred because they tend to be more robust and less likely to trip on a false short-circuit detection during peak demands or run out of capacity.

My Av receiver has one rca sub out. Custom built sealed box for the sub specs. Can I just use one rca from the amp to the avr. Also I want this for home theater I figure it can go deeper than my bic f I dont want foundation rattling bass just solid accurate and deep. Good idea or bad. Using a car amp at home is definitely less efficient but can work.

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