Caught my boyfriend on a dating website

I was wondering if you could help me with something that has been playing on my mind recently…. It recently transpired that my boyfriend of 15 months has been looking at girls on a dating website that he used to use before he met me. At first, he replied that he has a couple of times, and then when I was unsure whether he was being honest, I asked again and he then said a couple of times a week. He reassured me that he was not going on there to look for girls, but just to look at their pictures. I told him that I found this a bit weird that he is going on a dating website to look at other girls, when supposedly he is in a relationship with me. I told him how it really upset me and how disrespectful I found it, link as it was a dating website. After this all came out about read article looking at dating sites, he seemed to take this all back and reminded me that he is heterosexual.

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Each month, we get real talk on relationship problems from three of the gents who put the "men" in Men's Health. This month, we asked the question: "Someone saw my boyfriend on a dating site. He swears he never acted on anything, just browsed. Normal or dump him? Dxting he admitted to using it since dating app gently started dating. That's dodgy.

What Catching Your Partner On A Dating App Is Like, According To 3 People


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Ask for help! Search New Questions Answers. Most Discussed Viewed. Top agony aunts. About Us. Sitemap I caught my boyfriend on dating website with profile. He denies it. Do I tell him to take a hike? My friend happened to ne on the same site and alerted me. I confronted him and he had some lame excuse for being on it. I asked if he had met anyone off of there, and he said no of course. He said he didn't even communicate with anyone.

Regardless of how you found out, learning that your partner is potentially looking for someone else can really sting! If you make this discovery, it can help to have a chat with your partner about what the boundaries of the relationship are or should be. Do you two want to casually date and still be able to meet other people? Or do you want a more committed and monogamous relationship? If you have both already agreed to be in an exclusive relationship, you may see looking for a new partner as a clear violation of those boundaries.

It is definitely okay to respectfully bring up your discovery, address your concerns with your partner and revisit what you both want your relationship to look like moving forward. These kinds of conversations can be difficult and even daunting sometimes, but they can really help both partners understand what the other is wanting from the relationship. In fact, handling disagreements in a healthy way might actually bring you and your partner closer. If your partner admits to being on these apps, it is okay to share your concerns around that and ask them to delete their profile s.

He said I was selfish because his grandpa was dying and it was the only chance of him seeing him getting married. Until now he blames me for it. On December we had a fight because he went to the city of his grandparent and tried to talk about sex with me on the phone he probably was addict to it because of the other and even tried, but I felt so dirty that I told him to stop.

Then he said we would never work out, because I always made him feel like garbage. He decided to continue with me, but some days after that he called her to come to where he was she lived there too , she went and he cheated again. Then he called me to go there to be with him and I went. We were fine for 10 days, his grandpa was really bad and feeling pain, he was really sad.

When I came back home before new year, he cheated with her again. Then he came back to our city and I think he stopped talking to the girl. At least it how I understand. When he was out of town working he got the news that his grandpa with die within some few days, the same day we had a fight over a stupid thing.

He blames me forever for that. He went to see his grandpa and broke up with me. The next day I was there and he treated me really badly the other had appeared in the funeral , I even suspected he was talking to a woman on his phone once. Then we had a big fight, he humiliated me and was so angry.

I just had to come back home and I did. It turns out that he went out with her a couple of times there. And even appeared drunk at her house saying he would never forget her.

Meanwhile he was calling me saying he was sorry for the way the treated me and still wanted to get married. I knew something was up, because she started posting old pictures he took of her on their old dates.

I was really angry and confronted him, he denied everything. Once he came back we went out and I went to his house saying that I was decided to change my ways and make our relationship better.

We had sex and promise to be together again and get married. He deleted the picture and blocked her as I told him to. Only that she was so angry that she told me everything. She called me bad names and threatened me. I was really scary, angry, sad, disappoint and terrified.

She is known in her town as a reckless young woman who would have sex with anyone. How could he even develop feelings for her? Saying he would never forget her? Or even missing old times where they had whatever adventurous sex it was? He said that I have to accept that he also has needs. I feel like forgiving him. We went to counseling. She said this is up to the therapist. I would really like some opinion on this. I think that if we get married he will not be satisfied with me and search for someone more sex driven.

I would really need some help. I have trouble getting to the point. Can you help me, please? While the therapist says that if I want I should try start from zero. They said I had abusive behavior with him that might get him suffocated and frustrated. Perhaps you might like to consider some personal counselling to help you take a step back from the drama of the story and take a long hard look at what happened and what is right for you not everybody else.

I think since we just met we should take our time and am sure things will be better if you really dedicate our self to each other and make this friendship into a great opportunity that we never thought of or ever dream of. What do you think? My boyfriend is going the exact same. He says their deleted but i highly doubt the accounts are. He probably still has an active email account which is linked to all of them. I had a baby shower and he proposed and I found out from texts 10 days before… Arrangements to meet up with people.

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