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Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Many people go through a divorce. I was no exception. After that, I started dating.

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View 1 - 10 results for dating comic strips. Discover datinf best "Dating" comics from Dilbert. Tags datinginternet datinglow standardsonline datingtriple threatread article feet tallhairheightjobbusinessrelationships. View Transcript Transcript Dilbert: I got 9, responses on this dating site and I haven't even completed my profile. All I said is that I'm six feet tall, I have hair and a job.

Dating Comic Strips | Dilbert by Scott Adams


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I have already activated my account. Tags business , dating , office , office workers , unicorn. View Transcript Transcript ted: i hear you're dating a unicorn. View Transcript Transcript Dilbert: I've got two good prospects on this dating site. One is addicted to Facebook and the other is addicted to prescription pain meds. Dogbert: Sort of a tie. Dilbert: But only one of them is likely to make eye contact.

Tags dating , ice cream , relationships. View Transcript Transcript Dilbert and Dogbert sit outdoors. Dilbert is holding an ice cream cone.

Dilbert says, "I can remember when these were only fifteen cents. Tags car , dating , eyes , lucky , relationships. Dogbert asks, "Did you ever think how lucky people are that their eyes are located on their heads? Dogbert continues, "Without cars, dating would be impossible. No dating, then no marriage.

Soon the species would be extinct. Tags dilbert's , ego , porsche , woman , Dilbert , dating , bar. View Transcript Transcript Dogbert: Nice toupee. Dilbert's Ego: Thanks. It's the, "Roy Orbison," model. I am now ready to hit the dating scene. Woman at Bar: Really? You drive a porsche? Dilbert's Ego: It's red But enough about me.

Tags Dilbert , Dogbert , dating , problem , writing , down , qualities , girlfriend , ballerina , paw , cramping. View Transcript Transcript Dilbert and Dogbert sit at the table. Dogbert says, "We have to approach your dating problem logically. Dilbert says, ". And she must be a ballerina.

Dating Comic Strips Search. Something went wrong. We will take a look as soon as we can. Tags dating , internet dating , low standards , online dating , triple threat , six feet tall , hair , height , job , business , relationships View Transcript Transcript Dilbert: I got 9, responses on this dating site and I haven't even completed my profile. Tags analysis , comparison , dating , first date , judging , a-b testing , click with , analytics , measuring , too many questions , relationships , science View Transcript Transcript Woman: Have you been dating a lot?

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