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When it comes to the subject of lasting love, does the age-gap between an older woman and a younger fellow have an effect on relationship survival? By Flannery Dean Updated February 25, When it uears to the subject please click for source love we always hope that there are no real significant barriers to its success. But what about age? And what about age as it relates to older women involved with younger men?

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A widely-circulated study from Emory University found that couples with large age gaps are significantly more likely to divorce. The researchers found that social stigma is often to blame, with folks dating 10 years older go here the relationship is somehow exploitative i. That's not to say it's impossible to have a successful relationship with a large age gap, but there are challenges pertaining to social stigma and more that couples most datiing. We reached out to folks with at least a year age gap who yearx still madly in love, to see how they make their relationship work. Kevin: The big problems mostly came from my family. Some of my siblings [believed] that I was too old. Especially my oldest sister because she has a daughter that yearx my girlfriend's age.

How Couples with a 10+ Year Age Difference Make Their Relationship Work


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The following six women are all see more a person who's got at least a decade on them. They discuss the pitfalls and surprising advantages! Once you get past your twenties, age means nothing in love and relationships. Despite the age difference, we always have a lot to talk about our lives are very similar, too. He has really good hair and genes! He has a house, I live in an apartment near campus. We have almost nothing in common, but I dxting that.

Kelly: We haven't had any challenges recently, but there were quite a few when we started dating. Kevin is the youngest of eight children—his two older siblings are actually the age of my parents.

So when we first started dating some of his family was very skeptical and thought it was "wrong. Gia: My main challenges are really dealing with the negative opinions and expectations that other people have, like when people think I'm a gold digger, or that we can't love each other due to the age gap.

Carl : One of the funnier challenges we have is which music to listen to in the car. My partner, being a child of the '70s, and me, being a child of the '80s, grew up with different sounds and experiences in those formative years. I think that the way we handle this situation translates into how to handle the much more significant challenges a couple with a decade of difference in their ages can face, more specifically our kids, parenting approaches, along with money and how to spend it.

Stephanie : Most of our challenges came from others not understanding our deep love for each other. Our relationship has never been uneven. I don't have daddy issues! I've always been mature for my age and sought men older than myself, seeking a more grown-up connection. Steven: The most difficult challenge is spending time with friends.

Most of my friends are my age and still like going to dance clubs and bars. He complains we never want to do something he wants to do. Kelly: Now that we've been together for so long, there aren't really obstacles any more.

His family and siblings are all now totally fine with it, and we get along really well! I think meeting them and having them see that age-wise, Kevin and I are far apart They also see what a good fit Kevin and I are together. Gia: Well, the way I overcome these kinds of issues is through communication and patience. Talking out ways to handle these challenges and deal with them as a unit always works out better. And you really can't change peoples opinions overnight, so you give them time to understand and show the proof of a successful relationship to back it up.

Carl: You have to be willing to meet in the middle. It would be boring if we were both the same person. Our differences are our greatest asset. He does the same with me. Steven: A cliche answer is compromise, but it rings true. My friends will call me, wanting so go to the bars, and I will go by myself. Often, I will have to plan a dinner or a movie date with friends because that is what my partner enjoys. Kevin: My advice is that age is nothing if you have compatibility.

Despite the age difference, we always have a lot to talk about and our lives are very similar, too. He has really good hair and genes! He has a house, I live in an apartment near campus. We have almost nothing in common, but I love that. He is different than my friends in a good way and he helps me realize I need to focus on my career more after I graduate.

He likes me because I keep things young, fresh, and really funny. I like my current boyfriend, even though it has only been three months, because I feel safe, comfortable, and secure with him. When I dated guys my age, I had to pay for dinner, and concerts, and their lives. We asked men and women what they think of farting in relationships.

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