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You use Chabge. And you heard rumors it was possible to change your Tinder location. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started.

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Links on Super Easy may earn us a commission. Learn more. For some reason, you want to change location on Tinder in order to find your potential matches. Then this post is for you. The easiest and most straightforward way to change location on Tinder is utilize the Tinder Passport feature. Tinder will then looks for potential bambam tinder for you within the search radius that you specify.

How to Change Your Location on Tinder [Tinder Passport Guide]


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Gamer, tech lover, and copywriter. With massive information around, screening information is not easy but I am here to help. Are you planning to move but worried about being alone in a completely new place? Well, no more worries when I am here to help you. What if I tell you that you can change your location on Tinder and find a new match even before moving?

Tinder is a popular geosocial networking and online dating app that allows users to make connections with people in their local area. Since it is a geo-restricted network, people can only meet new people within the same area. But sometimes, you cange want to meet users changee other parts of the world. In this case, faking your Tinder location is a great way to get matches outside of your local community. In this article, we will explain how Tinder tracks your location and show you how to change your location when do mike and eleven start dating Tinder to make the app think you are in a different place. When you download and register Tinder, the app click here ask you for permission to read your device location. You have the option to choose locatiln or while using the app to read your GPS status.

The good news for premium users is that when you set your location to a new place, you get the coveted newbie boost, which is an excellent way to get more matches! This can be a significant benefit to your visibility and is a largely unknown bonus to using Passport. Using Passport is simple.

Note that it may take a little while for new potential matches to show up in your feed. While Tinder does offer an official way to change your location, some users may not want to shell out extra cash for the feature.

In this case, there are a few unofficial methods you can take advantage of to fake your location on Tinder. Tinder makes it a point to try and prevent people from spoofing their location.

That being said, the following methods are generally reliable ways to fake your location while using Tinder. Because of the accessibility of the GPS information on an Android phone, you can fairly easily spoof your location on Tinder by using a third-party app.

There are a number of apps that claim to be able to fake out your GPS without jailbreaking the phone. One that does appear to work is iTools from ThinkSky. Another option is to jailbreak your iPhone. We have an article reviewing the pros and cons of this approach. If you decide to proceed with jailbreaking your iPhone, be careful, and get expert help with the process.

Your email address will not be published. May 21, at am. I now follow the advice to use the mobile version, but I still have a question : does it only show to me the girls in the mocked location, or am I also visible at this place for them too? Your Welcome says:. November 18, at am. You can change your Tinder location without buying anything. Just use a GPS faker app and the Tinder mobile website.

Not the Tinder app. Getting ahead, I can assume you must be having some thoughts about Tinder and location settings. So here, I tried my best to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

If you are searching for a hiding tinder location feature, then yes, it is undoubtedly possible but only available for premium users who are subscribed to Tinder paid plans.

Whereas if you have a free version of Tinder, then you cannot hide your location. Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold users can change their location access settings in the profile to hide location. However, hiding your location for a long time might not work properly as Tinder is a location-based app. You can easily turn off your location on Tinder on both Android and iOS. To turn off your location on Tinder, you will have to go to your phone's settings, scroll down to locate application settings, and look for Tinder.

Choose the 'never' option from the four options of location access. Whether it is a paid subscription plan of Tinder or other methods, getting a match from a new place is very exciting. Also, the new location boost gives you more chance of being discovered by your true love, so why not give it a try.

Last month, I moved to New York from Paris and decided to give a chance to change tinder location before I actually move into my new house. I tried all the ways, but my favorite was LuckLuckGo. I changed my location with a single click, and the super-friendly interface didn't make me feel like I was using it for the first time. Jonathan Plummer Sep 08, How to Change Location in the Tinder App? Steps Click on your profile icon. Go to Settings.

Click " Location. By Changing Your Facebook Location Facebook location can only be changed from their official website from a browser. Before connecting your iOS device, close all location-based apps running in the background. Step 2 Unlock your device and trust the connection. If trust the connection, don't appear on your phone; try reconnecting it.

If the device is not loaded after trusting the connection, try reconnecting it. Step 3 Once loading is completed, it will show you a green tick with a connected message on the screen. Step 4 A map will appear on the next screen. Choose the "Teleport mode" and enter the location in the search bar. You can pick a spot from where you want to start. Usually, your default location is your computer IP address.

Step 5 In this step, plan your route by choosing the destination anywhere worldwide. After that, to check new location open any location-based app on your iPhone. Step 1 Connect your android device to the computer. Choose the one for which you want to change the location. Step 3 Go to the settings and turn on developer options.

And turn on USB debugging. Step 4 Allow USB debugging from the phone. Click the "Ok" option for the popup showing always allow from this computer.

Step 5 Select the Social mode from the screen and wait till the process completes. Step 6 In this step, go to the "developer options" and click on the "select mock location app" then select "GPS Assistant. Once the process is completed, open any location-based app on your phone. It will show you the changed location.

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