How to hit up a girl on text

If you prefer to read, this guide is chock full of real life example texts, conversation topics and tips to make her smile every time she reads your texts. With an emoticon or with her actual lips? Obviously you want her lips right?! The goal of texting is article source meet up with her, NOT have long drawn out conversations that go nowhere. Face to face meet ups are where the real magic happens. When you can get truly intimate with her. Before you can get her out on a date, you need to make her both comfortable and excited about the idea of meeting up with you.

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Txet Updated: June 29, References. This article was co-authored by Mark Rosenfeld. Mark specializes in helping people find, attract, and keep extraordinary This article has been viewed 1, times. All girls are different and are turned on by different things, so you will need to individualize the things you say to the girl you are saying them to; however, there are a few words of advice that can turn on almost any girl, provided that you're already dating. Make sure you have a good amount of time to talk to the girl, a slow, sexy pace will achieve much better results than a rushed one. Did this summary ho you?

How to Turn a Girl on With Words: 13 Steps (with Pictures)


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There's something slightly predatory about the way we approach dating and nightlife. You go out, spot someone you wouldn't mind seeing naked and try to bang it out all within a hour time span. No sexual tension, certainly no excitement and plenty of opportunities to seem source a poacher. There is nothing fun about concretely oon the just click for source of an interaction as soon as you enter it. Asking for a number after 12 seconds could not be more awkward or obvious because dating is not hunting, and we've truly lost a handle on the art of how to flirt. There are a few methods to becoming more memorable and successfully hitting on someone without fail. Hold eye contact go here than you'd normally feel comfortable, and smile.

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! When you are looking to flirt hti a girl over text there are certain rules that are going to help you succeed. Should you choose to follow them, you will score when it comes to girls. You may be a newbie when it comes to flirting with a girl over text or you might be well versed and just looking to add to your knowledge. For certain girls get addicted to this sensual high fast. If a girl gets a sweet text, she is happy click to see more share it with her girlfriends.

Download Article Explore this Article parts. Conversation Help. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1. Don't be boring and predictable. The worst text flirting crime you can commit is to be boring and predictable. Your text messages should be fun and interesting. If you can't think of anything fun or interesting to say, then you probably shouldn't text her at all.

She probably gets those kinds of messages from every guy she meets, so do something to make yourself stand out. Try something a little more unique, something which gives her an incentive to reply, like "you totally cheated at football last night. Get personal. Text messages can feel a little impersonal at times, so do your best to make them as personal as possible, when you can.

This will create more of a rapport between the two of you. Alternatively, you could use the special nickname you've christened her with, this makes it feel like the two of you are sharing an inside joke. Use the terms "us" and "we" in your messages -- this creates a "me and you against the world" vibe that girls love. Pay her a compliment. Try for example "Wow, love your hair today, you look so gorgeous. So if you can work a few good compliments into your messages, go for it.

Girls can smell a fake from a mile away. Be mysterious. There's no harm in being somewhat mysterious in your text messages -- you want her to feel like she's chasing you, not the other way around, so try being a little vague or aloof at times, just not as much so she gets suspicious of your behavior. If she asks you how your day was, for instance, you shouldn't write back a lengthy message chronicling every boring detail see Step 1. Try something like "It was pretty bizarre actually.

People never cease to amaze me. Or if she asks what your plans are for the weekend, don't be too forthcoming unless you have genuinely exciting plans. Telling her you're probably just going to spend the weekend working on a paper you have due isn't going to interest her.

Tell her you're off to slay a dragon or something equally outlandish -- it doesn't have to be true as long as it's interesting. Tease her a little.

Teasing is a great flirting method -- it creates a kind of intimacy between you without getting too serious. As mentioned before, calling your girl by a cute nickname one which is only used by you is a good way to make fun of her without being offensive. Something like "freckles" or "little miss perfect" are good examples.

Tease her about something she said or did the last time you hung out together. For example, if she tells you she's grabbing a Coke you could say something like "just don't squirt it out your nose like you did last time ; ".

This is an example of call-back humor, which draws attention to a time when the two of you had fun together, making her think positively about your relationship. Just make sure you don't cross the line into being mean or offensive, or your texting relationship will die a quick death. Be suggestive.

Of course, no text flirting relationship would be complete without a little naughty suggestiveness to keep things interesting. You could go down the classic route of asking her what she's wearing, or telling her something like "I loved you in that dress, but I think I'd love what's beneath it even more".

Another good technique is to take an innocent comment of hers and deliberately misinterpret it as something sexual. For instance, if she says something like "I can't believe how long it is! If you're a little nervous about going down the sexting route, you could try casually mentioning that you just got out of the shower. This puts the ball in her court, if she responds in a sexually flirtatious way like "dang, I'd like to see that" you'll know that she's open to it.

Part 2. Keep your messages short and sweet. Long text messages are boring and will make you seem over-eager. Therefore, you should always try to keep your messages short and sweet -- no more than two or three sentences. Try to make to make every message either funny, clever or sweet -- flirting should never involve small talk about the weather. Send an equal number of messages. There should be a certain amount of equality in every texting relationship -- one person should not be sending a substantially larger number of texts than the other.

She'll feel like you're coming on too strong -- which will either freak her out or cause her to lose interest. Not sending enough texts, on the other hand, might make you seem disinterested or lead her to believe that you're texting multiple girls at once. If this is the case, she may decide to give you up as a lost cause.

Therefore, you need to find a balance by sending a roughly equal number of text messages, with the balance tipped slightly in her direction if possible. Also pay attention to who's initiating and ending each text conversation -- you want to alternate if possible.

Be careful with spelling and grammar. You want to give the impression of being witty and intelligent in your text messages, which can be very difficult if you're "txtin lyk dis". Teenagers may be able to get away with it, but anyone over the age of 18 should pay a little more attention to spelling and grammar. You don't need to go looking up big words in the dictionary just to seem intelligent, just do a quick scan of every text before you send it to make sure there are no glaring typos or misspellings.

Punctuation can have a huge impact on how your text is interpreted. For example, if your girl sends you a picture of herself in a new outfit, "wow! Just don't overdo it on the exclamation points, questions marks, smiley faces, winky faces and other emoticons -- they can be very effective in the right context, but can seem juvenile if overused.

Don't let the conversation drag on. One of the most important texting skills to learn is the ability to end a dying conversation. The trick is to end the conversation before you reach that point, so you can always leave her wanting more. Try to end with something cute and flirty like "gotta go, babe, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Don't get into too much trouble without me!

See you in your dreams! Don't use text flirting instead of actual flirting. Texting should only be used as a stop-gap flirting method between actual real-life flirting sessions.

While texting is great and all and you can sometimes say things that you'd be embarrassed to say in person , nothing can beat the sparks that fly when you flirt in person. Use your text sessions to organize a date or plan your next casual hang-out. This gives your texting a purpose and is something you can both look forward to. Remember that things like prolonged eye contact, a dazzling smile and a well-timed brush of the arm beat a bunch of words on a screen any day.

John Keegan Dating Coach. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1. Make sure to use your words in person. When you are getting a girl turned on using words it's important that she can hear your voice; don't try to get a girl hot and steamy over MSN, IM, or through texting.

It can be done, but your words will have a much better effect if the girl you are talking to can hear the sexy tones in your voice. Try to use your deepest-sounding voice when you talk to your girl. Studies show that people with deep voices have more sexual partners and that girls are more attracted to people with deep voices. But if you're always in the higher pitched level of your voice, try to go down to the lower level when you're talking with your girl.

Set the mood. When you start talking to her, it's important to set the mood for the entire conversation by saying things like "I can't stop thinking about you," or "I've been wanting to hear your voice all day.

Other things to say are: "I never knew it until I spent time away from you, but I missed you today," or "You look stunning, as usual. Don't compare her to other women. Even if what you're saying is that she's smarter, or prettier, or more fun to be around, avoid the comparison. She doesn't even want you to compare her to other women, because she doesn't want you to think about other women.

She wants you to think about only her. If she thinks you may be thinking about other women, it's a turn-off for her. Have a fun, positive energy when you're flirting with someone since it will make you more approachable and easy to talk to. Ask her a good question. Ask her something that will give her a chance to give a long answer, like "So tell me about what you did today," or "What exciting things do you have planned for the weekend?

Asking her a good question will show her that you're interested in what she has to say. Girls want to be sexy and interesting; for her, a good conversation is a way to set the tone.

If she answers with a short answer, pepper her with more questions, showing her you care and really want to know. You want to get her on a roll, talking about things she's interested about, all while you're doing a good job listening.

Be funny and playful , if you can. Girls love people with a sense of humor , along with people who know how to have fun. Look up and practice some jokes you think she might like, or start developing your own inside jokes with her that you can lean on when you know you need a laugh.

Keep complimenting her , when appropriate. If she asks you how your day was, let her know that you were thinking about her. Add a slight twist by complimenting her features. Don't make it too smutty though; something like "I couldn't stop thinking about you and your sexy smile" does the job. Keep the conversation going by asking questions about her and showing interest in her answers. The way that you start turning her on is by dropping plenty of little compliments.

Make sure you think of little things to say just about her to make her feel special. Girls like it when you notice something about them that they also like. So if you know she likes the color of her eyes, compliment the color of her eyes "I love the way your eyes shine when you smile".

If she likes her hair, say something like "Your hair looks so smooth and comfortable, do you know how pretty it makes you look? You're definitely on the right path. Start describing the not-too-scandalous things you want to do to her. Make sure that the things you are saying are sexy and romantic, not dirty and gross.

You need to build up anticipation first. You will need to come up with your own suggestions, but an example might be: "If we were together, I'd run my fingers slowly through your hair while we kissed.

I'd massage your back while I kissed your neck. I would lie next to you and trace my fingers over the soft curves of your beautiful body. Be creative.

Using lots of imagery and imaginative words can also help. Here are some other compliments that you can use: "I thought about you when I woke up today. Just like I thought about you when I went to sleep last night.

You know what I was thinking about? I was thinking about us, together, curled up in bed. That makes me happy. Every time you touch me I go crazy inside, because I know it's only you who can do that to me. No one else does that. Even a smile from you is like a punch in the gut, but in a good way.

Make her feel special. In your own way, make her feel like the sexiest woman alive. Let her see how lucky you feel to be with her. Part 2. Say that you want her. One of the most basic things you can say when you want to turn up the heat are these simple words: "I want you.

Here are some other things you can say: "I want you so bad right now. Say something nice about her body. Here are some things you can say: "Your chest looks amazing in that dress. Say what you want to do to her. You can be a bit more graphic if you want, but in general, just say enough to have her imagine you having your hands all over her body, which should be more than enough to turn her on. Here are some things you can say: "I want to run my hand down your thighs.

Say what you want her to do to you. Now, as you continue to turn your girl on with your words, you can tell her what you wish she would do to you.

This would paint a sexy image in her mind and will have her turned on in no time at all. Here are some things you can say to her: "I want you to take my shirt off. Describe how she makes your body feel.

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