How to hook up my lg sound bar

Learning how to connect the LG soundbar to WiFi helps you get the most out of the device. Their top soundbars also have WiFi connectivity for streaming and connecting to Alexa and Google Assistant. A direct connection prevents signal interference lb can disrupt a wireless connection. An HDMI cable also prevents delays and other problems hos can be frustrating with wireless connectivity. LG sells almost 30 current models, and some may require different steps just click for source set up. More screens ask for contacts and other information that you can provide or skip. You can rename the device and control the volume.

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These speakers are easy to install. You get a clear sound with them without sweat at all. The continue reading A stunningly immersive experience that fills the room with crisp, rich acoustics wirelessly! The key to getting them set up correctly involves three essential steps. Read on now!

How to Connect LG Sound Bar to WiFi? [Quick Guide] - Cinema Equip


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More screens ask for contacts and other information that you can provide or skip. You can rename the device and control the volume. Your soundbar will show on the home screen of the app. You can connect to WiFi with Amazon Alexa, too. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone or device. The app will search for the soundbar and add it. The setup steps are similar to those above for Google Home. Finally, try unplugging the soundbar for a couple of minutes and plugging it back in to try again.

Download and install the app for easy access to Alexa setup and other soundbar options. To use Spotify, go to Spotify connect and follow the instructions. Select AirPlay from the control panel on your iOS device or music playback device to stream. Choose your soundbar from the list, and enjoy the music! If you set up the WiFi through Google Home or Alexa, any changes to those apps could affect your connection and require you to follow the steps again. First off, you need to find the ARC port on your soundbar.

Below are instructions for this connection between your soundbar and television. As mentioned, connecting your soundbar to your LG TV involves plugging in a connector. Here are step-by-step instructions on making the actual connection:. You should now be all set up! From there, you should now have everything set up correctly. Get ready to enjoy the whole experience of having a soundbar! Here are step-by-step instructions on connecting using an optical cable for this purpose.

The first thing that needs doing is finding the optical input port on your new soundbar. Next, look for an outline where the plug will fit into the socket of a similar size. The next step is making this connection between the soundbar and television. This involves plugging in optical cables from both devices as mentioned previously. Here are the steps to make this connection between your soundbar and television:.

Now that the devices are connected, you will be turning your soundbar on. You also need to set your television up for surround sound. From there, your soundbar is now ready for use alongside your LG TV. It would help if you now understood how to set up your soundbar alongside your LG television.

In fact, within about an hour or two of doing this once, you will have mastered the entire setup — and we encourage you to do so! If you found this information helpful, be sure to share it around with your friends and family.

They might be having trouble getting their new soundbar up and running alongside their LG TV.

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