Jennifer lopez maluma dating

Jennifer lopez maluma dating

Since releasing his debut album inColombian singer Maluma has continued to set the Latin music world on fire. The year-old shot to fame after the release of his album, Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy. Following this success, Maluma collaborated with some of the hottest names in music, ranging from Madonna and The Weeknd to Bad Bunny and J Balvinand his projects don't stop there. Maluma is set to make his movie debut in the upcoming romantic comedy Marry Meopposite actress and Latin pop facebook lawton Jennifer Lopez. Lopez and Maluma play lovers until a shocking revelation breaks up the pair.

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Jennifer Lopez is 52, and she's not shy about it. She's even working on a documentary with Netflix about the year she turned Those are all things women her age in the industry are told they can't do. But Lopez has datkng made defying the rules work for her, and she's not stopping now. In her latest film, "Marry Me," she's doing it again. This time around, the focus is on age and the ways ageism tries to limit women and their sexuality.

Jennifer Lopez Fights Ageism in Romance in "Marry Me" | POPSUGAR Latina


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In the past, he's been rumored to have dated several people , including Brazilian singer Anitta and model Winnie Harlow, per Entertainment Tonight. Despite his stardom and celebrity status, Maluma has generally remained private about all aspects of his personal life, including his romances.

Here are the women Maluma has dated, including his latest rumored girlfriend. View On One Page. Photo 0 of 2. Previous Next Start Slideshow. You May Also Like. Lana Condor. Jenna Dewan. Celebrity News. Kate Walsh. Nick Cannon. Now You Know. The internet appears to believe she doesn't age at all. Maybe if she looked more like what's expected for her age, there would be some commentary around her dating someone so much younger, even if it is just fictional.

That said, when the gender is reversed, no one says much. In the iconic rom-com "Pretty Woman," Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are 18 years apart, and their ages are just one of several power differentials including his wealth and status. And the '90s saw the two paired up more than once, showing how everyone took their age difference as normal. Hell, when Leonardo DiCaprio played a man married to an age-appropriate woman, with grown sons no less, everyone couldn't stop yapping about it.

It was the funniest thing about "Don't Look Up. And when " Grey's Anatomy " premiered, there were multiple plot lines where young residents dated, married, or hooked up with their older attendees. In the first few seasons, the younger ones were almost always women, with Kate Walsh 's Addison Montgomery just not being able to be as cavalier about dating someone with less power when the opportunity arose.

Now, of course, 18 years later, we've seen several plot lines where the genders are reversed, and no one much remarks on it. Which is to say, we've come a long way, even if we're clearly not all the way there yet.

In "Marry Me," Lopez ends up with a man closer to her age than Maluma. Wilson has just seven months on her, but their relative closeness of age isn't what brings them together.

In fact, they never even discuss it. Instead, their bond is about what they learn from each other and how they're willing to fight for the other person. And Lopez is still fighting for love, for recognition, and for joy. It's an inspiration. Image Source: Universal Pictures. You May Also Like. Celebrity News. Jennifer Lopez. Now You Know. Latest Juntos. We're Hiring! Terms Privacy Policy.

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