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By sugarplumJuly 3, in Mainland Internet dating. Ok, while waiting for the next episodes of the love is sweet, im probably going to start on this drama May i ask in which episode kitcheen the couple confessed and kissed? By knowing which episode, at least it can tell me when to expect to see the scene, hoping its not morean long of a wait. Thanks for replying. Malin Kim 61 posts. SC 30 posts.

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Xrama sugarplum https://bergtaucher.de/action/dating-for-separated.php, July 3, in Mainland China. Look at the comments. Netizens are miserable because Lin Yushen is married, and they desperately want to ship them. I try so hard to not ship them but I cant. How can they be so sweet in acting they made me fall in love with them and cant control myself from shipping. I know the ship never sail. Malin Kim 61 posts.

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It was then later changed to air 2 episodes every Sunday link p. KST from November 12 onwards. Lee Roo-ri Choi Soo-young tries to get a job at big company, but she gives up. She doesn't have a good relationship with her strict father. Lee Roo-ri decides to travel to Guam to get away. He wanders around the world and places priority on his korwan, but he also carries an emotional wound.

By sugarplumJuly 3, in Mainland China. It's just too awkward. Anyone can please translate it? That's too bad. ELOD's kissed scenes were already attached https://bergtaucher.de/lifestyle/can-you-use-tinder-on-pc.php my heart and my mind.

By the way in ep 15 they cut the scene at min I saw in the trailer that Shengnan kiss Lujin there I wish I could see it but it got cut off. I hope that they upload all cut off scene that didn't include in the official videos. Let my pray come true!!! Hi guys! Please can I ask where you're watching all the episodes. Dramacool and WeTV only have until episode 16 up. It's was guite a memorable scene in that movie.. It true they didn't show a kiss she gave Lujin in front of their colleagues at the "True and Dare" game at ep There's a scene where Lujin crying and his mom also saw him cry, i think..

Thank you all for the beautiful posts. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone's posts. SC thank you so much for the BTS translations and episode summaries. So nice of you. I have yet to watch the episodes coz I am not ready to let go of this wonderful drama. I am loving it so far. Nodame I also am going to be one of those who will patiently have to wait for episodes to be subbed. I just want to say a big thank you to SC for all the translations, pad-hari jimmylyne and pawla for your videos, pics etc.

To everyone else on this thread it was nice "meeting ya'll" and sharing fawning over this drama. How can this drama be so perfect in every episode. The plots are new and so good it gives different feelings from other dramas. It feels genuine because the actors are good at portray their characters it feels so real. Other dramas now feel plain too me no chemistry no genuine feeling no caring and loving as much as Lujin has for Shengnan it just show how perfect this drama is.

By the way im also a kdrama lover but this is the first time i can say that no other dramas can match this JinNan pairing. Their acting is absolutely on point even their first encounter was on point.

This director i will support his next drama. I cant get over dating in the kitchen. The best drama ever!!! Lin Yushen is so hot and sexy in ep I cant breathe!!! Damn my face is burning how can he be this hot i cant handle!!! I find him very attractive You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Recommended Posts. Posted September 29, That's too bad because among the kissing scenes is our favorite rolling kiss from ELOD. Wow, you're so well informed. Where did you get all these information? Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Replies Created 2 yr Last Reply 1 yr. Top Posters In This Topic 75 61 31 Popular Posts caranita October 2, SC September 23, SC September 19, Malin Kim Posted September 29, And their second trailer reached 1 million views already that showed how hungry we are.

SC Posted September 29, Firmly in her embrace. Rolling text appears: Nan Nan wants to confess to me. Animated words appear: She wants to kiss me.

So this show really is a feel good one, definitely a keeper for me! Nodame Posted September 29, All your hard work. Malin Kim Posted September 30, Posted September 30, Which reminded me of one scene from Crazy Rich Asian movie. Adding my voice to others in thanking you SC for the translations and summaries 15 hours ago, SC said:.

Ending E24 edited: watched the entire episode and updated this portion. SC Posted September 30, AB Posted September 30, His voice is so manly and sexy. When he whispers to Shengnan on the bed Im melting. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account.

Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Go to topic listing. Hot Topics. Sign In Sign Up. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. I accept. I wish more modern dramas are aired Fun facts.

I haven't written my final review yet. But I planned on adding this to it for fun, ill share with you guys first. Some connections personal lives and their characters. Zhao lu si is good at archery and she actually was playing that zither in the scene where she provided entertainment for lu Jin.

At the mother inlaw meet, they mentioned they are both scorpio. But I planned on adding this to it for fun, ill share with yiu guys first. Some connections personal lives anf their characters. It is true in real life that is their birthday sign.

I thought I'm the only one who realized that when I rewatched that heart breaking scene for the second time. To be frankly I've has rewatched all of their sweet loving intereactions so many time already. I sort of avoid to rewatched that heart-breaking scene, to watched a cold hearted man cried. Only GSN managed to make him felt emotional.. Oh God I'm so cheesy.. I sort of avoid to rewatched that heart-breaking scene, a cold hearted man cried.. Haha i don't read the comments section on mdl, too many.

It's okay people can rate it whatever, its how we connect with the characters, people are too critical lately, to many looking for flaws and can't enjoy the drama. Just ignore the the negative comments, as long as we like it and enjoy it thats what counts. I'm glad i got this group to fangirl with keke. I feel so cheesed reading all of your guys comments.

I like this concept: a framed picture of the launching of Shengnan's restaurant. So cute with all the romantic lines being portrayed! Hi, does anyone know how to create a weibo account because I live in Cambodia and I cant receive the verification code even I followed all the instruction given. Can someone please help me I wanna check this drama in weibo and read the comments so much. Why are there so many deleted scenes? I feel so cheated.

I want to see LYS on happy camp. I hope he won't be uncomfortable like he was at the fanmeeting. By the way, does anyone have a spare account for weibo or wechat? I really need it to log in to see the comments because it keep asking me to log in. Someone please help me!!! I have noticed that logging in requires further authentication besides the password. I don't think it is a viable option to ask others to lend you their account due to the security issues involved.

Have you tried to register for an account on a different day? He wanders around the world and places priority on his happiness, but he also carries an emotional wound. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Family Romantic comedy.

South Korea Guam. MBC Drama via Youtube. Sep 10, Retrieved September 13, April 14, Retrieved September 3, July 26, Retrieved June 20,

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