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It's an interesting couple of days when it comes to revelations about Lindsay Lohan. The first revelation was incredibly somber when on the Lindsay finale, she explained that a miscarriage was the reason behind her hiatus from filming. That revelation was a sad one. The newest one — that Lindsay Lohan's dating a married man — is by contrast heavily muddled with some more confusing elements. Lohan dropped this latest little tidbit in an interview with Kode Magazine :. We have a few questions right off the bat. The first is in relation to that jet thing, because yes, that does sound like something that would happen to someone like Lindsay Lohan or in Gossip Girlbut do people really do that?

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Well, Lindsay Lohan has proven that she still has the power to make people pay attention. Two separate sources, both of whom are close to Lindsay Mab, told RadarOnline. Lindsay knew she was being perceived as a total slacker, not showing up on time this web page photo shoots, call times and refusing to shoot. So this is what Lindsay does. She lies!

Cele|bitchy | Kode Mag: Lindsay Lohan’s dating a married man & she did ecstasy at Coachella


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Watch fullscreen. Lindsay Lohan spilled the beans about her former lovers, slumbering starlets in Hollywood, and how she's currently dating a married man with kids. See more lindway. Browse more videos. Playing next Lindsay Lohan having a lesbian affair?

They moved on. They all have jobs and can take care of themselves and their kids. A crappy childhood is not a reason to become an addict, a rapist, a serial killer, etc. Our pasts do not have to define us unless we allow it. BTW, she has had more than enough money, more than enough support and more that enough connection to live any kind of life she wanted to. Children who have a parent who is an addict are 8 times more likely to developed an addiction themselves.

They should be held accountable. She is a sick girl, addicted and not mentally well. She is killing herself. I hope she gets the help she needs someday. No one is worth giving up on. He was a mess for a long time. They get nothing but sympathy.

That they should. Lindsey gets nothing but disdain and the most unsympathetic responses out there. She is at the core a terrible person. Because they were not always in trouble,lied all the time,in court constantly and causing all kinds of drama..

She has had every chance in the world to change and she treats it like it is a game. No one wants to be sympathetic to her anymore. Also people are getting tired of these celebs that lie and think we buy this kind of garbage.

We are not stupid. The house was empty. Somebody mentioned scans of the article. Is it a print mag? Is this the final version or pre-editing? Also if only images of the article were obtained- we may be looking an uncleaned OCR output.

I see a lot of that nowadays on the web in my scientific work, with typos galore. You have to proofread OCR carefully before using it I do it regularly to get my hardcopy non-English source texts ready for use during translations. Journalists have long been allowed to keep their sources confidential, including when the source actually writes the article. Lindsay is drinking, doing drugs, and messing around with the wrong people.

Same old, same old. Call me when she admits to being a hooker. Those kind of directors can get HOT actresses on the casting couch. Sorry, LL! That ship has sailed for you, girl. She has been f-cking Jared Leto for a while and seeing a married man? I am not even suprised. But i think there is a big chance that this interview is fake. I believe everything in this article for three reasons.

Lindsay has burned just about every bridge and ruined every chance. They have nothing to lose by exposing the truth. Lindsay will sue for the most ridiculous things at the drop of a hat. This is common knowledge. I just looked at her twitter.

She also had an Instagram link that is now deleted. I am not going to err on the side of being a decent human being. I know she is lying, we all know she is lying, that is what she does. She is nothing but gutter trash looking for her next score. I hope Oprah is happy, nothing against O, but she got what she deserved for taking this trick on thinking she could get some ratings for her network.

Lying about a miscarriage to excuse her not doing her job that she was paid for is about as low as you can sink. I used to kind of like her and root for her to get her act together, but no more, she is nothing but lowlife trash. Maybe she can go back to the late night circuit where her buddies Fallon and Kimmel will treat her like she is some kind of star and fawn all over her, but I see nothing else for her.

Ugh, she makes my skin crawl. Michael Lohan never misses a chance to talk about his favorite child. So she managed to do the impossible- render Dina and Michael Lohan speechless? I think she is a jealous as shit for the huge amount of success Jennifer Lawrence has had at such a young age, and that people recognise her for all the righy reasons. What a bitter piece of shit Lindsay is. She is so pathetic it makes me sick.

Lindsay could do well to listen to the advice of the fashion editor that appeared on the series to shoot her for Elle Indonesia. Lindsay was so unprofessional as usual it was disgusting. And she is right! Lindsay is a person that is not succeeding because she is wasting. Her life, opportunities, resources, youth etc. Worst of all she is wasting and taking for granted the goodwill set forth by all others. People can slam Oprah all they want for exploiting Lindsay and not wanting her to get better.

Oprah was a woman who had a childhood or rape, neglect, abuse, and many more things. But she ended up at least working hard to get herself to where she is today. She refused to let her life be a waste in large part because her maternal grandmother actually cared enough to want her to overcome.

So although I am not completely naive about Oprah I know Oprah also wanted this show to do well. It is a business after all I am also very sure that Lindsay knows exactly what she was signing up for.

I think Lindsay takes for granted a lot of things. But I think she takes for granted most of all the goodwill of all the people who try to get her back on her feet.

There are so many people who set up opportunities but she expects to just take them and not do any of the extra work. So I think she is the cause of her own troubles and her alone. Lindsay may have a mental illness. I have suffered from mental illness most of my life and it runs in my family. Lindsay acts like the world owes her something, that she should be rewarded every step of the way for things most insignificant.

She has had lots of goodwill even in the amount of compassion she receives. I think maybe it is time that enabling compassion and willingness of so many to try and understand her runs out. I think it is time for tough love and accountability. If she wants to go and run away from that, then it let her. All of this! I thought it especially revolting when Lohan would complain about not wanting to talk about her sobriety during thd show, that it was sacred.

What the hell did she think this series would be about? Of course her sobriety was an important topic! I remembered thinking how ridiculous to act shocked and horrified when called out on the very thing she signed up for. I remember an interview she did several years ago, and she said something like: she was in love, it was serious, her first time or something like that.

ANd Blohan, you slept with Brett Ratner, girl. So, you totally fucked for roles probably. And you worked with Harvey, too… Just saying. She mentionned Jared Leto in interviews more than once. I even remember that she wanted him for a role in the canyons.

And now that he won an oscar, I can see Lohan wanting to name drops him even more. She is so sue happy, why would a magazine risk losing money to write an article that is made of lies? Not that most prostitutes will do everything; far from it. And then everyone knows that you paid Lindsay Lohan for sex, and therefore knows that you are absolutely disgusting even by rich man standards.

She looks horrible in those photos. Just saying , her voice sounds like a frog. Her time is up. Can anyone tell me if she is still doing her court ordered therapy or even her community service? Beyond the addiction and mental illness, she is just not a nice person. People remember her as the cute redhead little girl with freckles, but that little girl is long gone and has grown up to be a shady, manipulative, self absorbed liar. A true mean woman, for she is not a girl. D-Listed is certainly pissed!

Oh lordie…. A lot of disgust, indignation regarding her bullshit comments about Jennifer Lawrence! She has always been very rude to others, extremely selfish, and a compulsive liar. She loves attention, and definitely enjoys trash-talking others. She does not care that she inconveniences others around her, and I truly doubt that if she killed one of those people during her freaky car hijacking episodes, she could care less.

If you had to deal with someone like that in your everyday life, you would NOT feel sorry for that person. MANY others in this world have had experience dealing with abusive parents and a broken household.

Yes, it was an extremely painful experience, but in life, we all deal with some sort of trauma. Living through that trauma does not excuse our foul behavior for acting towards others. In fact, those who experienced such sad and painful experiences try to rise above it and help others.

Rape victims become inspirational trauma counselors, and kids who grew up in abusive homes strive to become social workers. I think she might have gotten pregnant and had an abortion. That, I could believe. Or takes birth control pills on regular. She might use some form of long-term birth control but I doubt it. She strikes me as one of those people that use abortions as birth control, i.

Who in the hell cares? She would do anything to get a movie role at this point! You know how to know when Blohan is lying, her mouth is moving!!! Article is fake people. The article sounded fake from the get go.

The editor does insist he has witnesses who have signed statements. And she was definitely in front of cameras for Kode. They denied she stole from a jewelry store, was driving in the wreck that nearly killed her and her hapless assistant, etc. As numerous lawsuits from other celebrities have proven that. If Lindsay said that stuff about JLaw she really is dumb. People love JLaw and will not take kindly to her being dissed.

This will be an interesting story to watch. She very definitely did a photo shoot for Kode and very definitely did the cover. He also claims he has sworn statements from witnesses for everything said. Sounds as though he prepared for a lawsuit. Her father is used to buying off witnesses for his little pumpkin. It does seem likely that either she was interviewed during the photo shoot and any e-mail exchange would just be to pin down names and other details, or else the interview was put together from both e-mail and face-to-face interchanges.

It really does sound like her, both the content and the style of speaking not like writing style in e-mail. Somebody talked to her sometime, is my bet. If Lindsay was drinking alcohol and away from any of her keepers, she very well could have been more sharing than would be wise.

Lindsay wants all the perks of fame…recognition, money, awards…without having to put in any of the hard work. Jennifer is responsible, reliable and hard working.

She is friendly and personable and gives great interviews. She seems to understand that fame can be fun, but it comes at a cost. Lindsay understands none of this.

He also seemed cautious of what he was asking her as to not upset her and that is unusual for Andy. Her most successful movie as an adult actress was Mean Girls a fav of mine and it was 10 years ago! Give it up Lindsay. Who ever told you you could act.

Think about landing a guy, getting married and possibly having kids if you can stay sober enough. You cannot make it on your own. You are not a model, an actress or even anyone I would leave my first born with. Give it up. Maybe some guy will have you. Open top menu Advertise Writers Contact.

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