Red velvet dating rumors 2021

Girl Red Velvet Joy and singer Crush ged caught up in dating rumors. According to reports, the two became friends last year while working on an album together and developed into a romantic cating. The media added that the two grew up in love through ordinary dates, such as taking a walk with their dog. In this regard, Crush's agency, P-Nation, made a cautious statement saying, "We are checking the identity. Source: sbskr. All life articles on Teller Report.

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Fans always get so excited whenever article source of their favorite celebrities begin dating. The stars collaborated in May and soon became good friends. To see how their relationship turned romantic, check out Red Velvet's Joy and Crush relationship timeline below. Five months after Crush dropped his second full-length album, From Midnight to Sunrisein Decemberhis agency, Visit web page Nation, announced he veovet be making his comeback with his new album homemade. In the leadup to their upcoming single, Joy and Crush posted a series of photos with each other on Instagram and they datung to be just friends.

Red Velvet's Joy & Crush's Relationship Timeline


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A few shots were taken by someone else as the two posed from a distance with their arms crossed, while others were selfies personally taken by Crush. They held hands, did some sightseeing, and had a candlelit meal together.

At one point in the video, Joy playfully pushed Crush into the wall and it almost looked like they were about to kiss. The stars celebrated the release of their song on YouTube , where they gushed about working with each other.

Fans first began suspecting Joy and Crush were more than just friends when the Korean outlet Sports Chosun reported that Joy and Crush were dating. The publication said the two stayed close after collaborating last May and their relationship soon turned romantic.

Hours later, Joy posted a message to fans apologizing for not telling them about her relationship with Crush sooner. Teller Report.

Dogs, a common interest, were also an opportunity for the two to become closer. In May , he made his debut as a mixed duo Masterpiece with Cheetah, but then turned to solo. He enlisted in November last year and is currently serving as a social worker. You may like. Trends 24h. In Guadeloupe, drinking water remains the black spot after the Fiona storm T Journal de l'Afrique - More than a year after the coup, the transition has stalled in Guinea T Journal de l'Afrique - More than a year after the coup, the transition has stalled in Guinea T Japan Transocean Air aircraft shakes flight attendant breaks leg T Cartoonist Juanito Mediavilla, icon of underground comics and co-creator of Makoki, dies T Liverpool to host Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine T Racist chats: Ex-Scotland Yard officer arrested T This is the reason why we should not mix pears with apples T Do vegan and vegetarian women break more bones?

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