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All American is a sports drama with a romantic angle as a pivotal part of the dating sites for people over 40. But that didn't stop fans from shipping Spencer and Olivia thanks to their rocking chemistry. Hooo season 2, both Spencer and Olivia face problems in their respective relationships, one leading to a breakup and the other hanging by a thread. Will Spencer and Olivia get together in Season 3? Sencer since then, fans have been pacing day and night wondering what happened between the two in Vegas. Ever since the summer break ended, Olivia and Spencer are unable to meet each other's eyes. Throughout the first episode, they are seen avoiding talking to each other in person.

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The All American season 3 premiere raised a major question: What happened between Spencer and Olivia over the summer? The CW's football drama based on Spencer Paysinger's real-life read article a bigger fanbase with season 2's launch were whitney dating french man can Netflix in After season 2 focused on the spring of the main character's junior year of high school, All American season 3 hp past the summer. However, the beginning of the new story teased something happened between Olivia and Spencer during this time. At the end of All American season 2, Olivia and Spencer were on very good terms.

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ALL American season three strayed away from Spencer's life on the field to make way for a tense love triangle. When season three of All American first premiered, it was clear that the show skipped over the summer. But fans quickly guessed that something had happened between Spencer and Olivia, who were left more info very good terms at the end of the second season, during that time. This was due to the apparent tension between the two as both characters seemed more distant than ever at the beginning of season three. But adult mobile chat of clearing things up between them - and for the sake of fan curiosity - both Olivia and Spencer tip-toe around the awkwardness, suggesting that giving spencet other space is the best option for them.

Ultimately, Spencer makes the tough decision of choosing to stay back in Crenshaw over moving to Beverly Hills. We're expecting more moments of romance and friendship in Season 3. As Spencer is still injured, fans are eager to know how he'll get back on the field. Though there has been no confirmation yet on the episode count, going by the previous seasons, this season should also include around 16 episodes or so. As for Netflix users, you will have to wait a tad bit longer until all the episodes are out on The CW.

The Debate. Breaking News. The summer break was marvellous for the characters in 'All American', especially for Spencer and Olivia. What happened between Spencer and Olivia? Written By. Do Spencer and Olivia get together? Jon Arnett, star college and NFL running back, dies at Marshall hires Alabama assistant Huff as football coach.

And yet, the All American season 3 premiere ends with Spencer asking Olivia if they're ever going to talk about what happened - but what did happen? The separation between Olivia and Spencer happened only a few weeks ago in regard to when the third season begins. All American season 3's first episode teases the location of the event, as a trip to Las Vegas is mentioned repeatedly. Several of the characters went to Las Vegas to see Coop perform on the tour Layla put together, and this was two weeks ago, which should be right around the time that Olivia and Spencer stopped speaking to each other.

This was teased by Olivia forgetting about her lie until Layla mentioned it again. The reason for Olivia lying about not going to Las Vegas is due to it being a secret visit to see Spencer. The romantic feelings between Spencer and Olivia are something All American teased in the past, especially with the hot tub scene in season 2. And since season 2 ended with them together during potential crises, it isn't too surprising that those feelings would grow.

While the All American season 3 premiere led many to believe Olivia was the girl Spencer hooked up with, the show later confirmed that this was Layla.

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