The world of the married filipino adaptation

The world of the married filipino adaptation

In case you missed the news, the show is actually the adaptation of British television Doctor Foster. The UK show was also adapted in South Korea under the title The World of the Marriedwhich took the Philippines by storm during its air date and forevermore — because yes, until now, some fans are still feeling stressed and heartbroken and soaking in the angst that TWOTM brought in each episode. She has a successful career as filioino doctor, a doting husband, and a loving son. In the Philippine adaptation, Jodi Sta. Maria plays Dr. This scene!

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Everything seems perfect in the life of the successful family doctor and associate director, Ji Sun Woo. She lives happily in Gosan with her handsome husband Lee Tae Oh, whom she financially helped establish an entertainment company, and their teenage son, Joon Young. However, the perfect image of a happy, loving family life shatters when she discovers that her husband is having owrld affair, and even click the following article mutual friends are helping him conceal it. Devastated by the betrayal, she sets on a path of seeking revenge and recollecting her broken self. Marriedd Translation. MDL v6 en. Feeds Calendar Articles Trailers.

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The series is the highest-rated drama in Korean cable television historyovertaking Sky Castle with its final episode reaching a nationwide rating of It also recorded the highest average rating for a drama on cable television, with an average rating of Seon-u thinks visit web page family is perfect until she finds out that Tae-oh is having an affair with another woman named Yeo Da-kyung Han So-hee. The scene cuts back to 3 weeks ago - Seon-u and Jun-yeong are living a peaceful and happy life together and Jun-yeong even decided to stay in the same school and cope. Jun-yeong deals with accepting the fact that he will never meet his father again and slowly inches towards completely pushing Tae-oh out of his mind and life. The women in Gosan tread lightly sites free in baltimore dating Seon-u so as to not offend her as they all know who was responsible in driving Article source Yeo and his family out of Gosan. The scene cuts to a week before Jun-yeong disappears - Je-hyuk feels like he might have just seen Tae-oh.

Seon-u agrees for them to have a meal together so that Tae-oh can improve his image in his son's eyes one last time; instead Tae-oh begs Seon-u to take him back and for them to start over as a family again. Seon-u tells him to get his act together and bid farewell to his son one last time. As they leave, Tae-oh tries to throw himself in front of a truck, but survives. Seeing his mother go after Tae-oh, Jun-yeong runs away. Romantic — , served as the creator. Gaemi Kang Dong-yoon , who previously worked on the soundtracks of popular series such as Descendants of the Sun and When the Camellia Blooms , took charge of the music production.

The series was directed by Mo Wan-il of the romance-thriller series Misty. In response to questions about the difference between the series and the British original, Mo said, "While the original is focused more on the main character, in adapting the story for the Korean series, we wanted to portray a whirlwind of emotions to rage around the main character and the people around her".

Mo then emphasized that unlike the original series, The World of the Married does not just focus on one person but also focuses on the relationships in which the main female character, Ji Seon-u, is involved with.

The first script-reading was held on September 30, The Gosan Station featured in the series was shot at Gangneung Station. Kim Hee-ae and Park Hae-joon were confirmed to star in the drama series on September 30, He also stated that he did not feel confident to give justice to the role of a cheating husband with the needed intensity as he did not have much time to prepare.

However, he eventually accepted the offer after talking to a friend. Subsequently, Han So-hee and Lee Moo-saeng were confirmed to join the cast on October 7 and on December 4, , respectively. The first to the sixth episodes were fixed at late-night hours so that only those aged 19 or older can watch them under the Juvenile Protection Act.

The series's scenes were deemed unfit to be shown to those who are under For the seventh and eighth episodes, they were lowered to allow those aged 15 or older to watch them. The series's soundtrack is compiled in a two-part album released on May 25, The following lists are the track listings for the online streaming of the album.

The series emerged as the most-talked-about series in South Korea in the first half of Additionally, various parodies were made about the series by other entertainment programs, Korean celebrities and the online community. Kim's fashion and styling in the series also received attention from the public by consistently rising to be the top real-time search term after an episode was aired. The fashion, dubbed as "Kim Hee-ae Fashion" and "Ji Seon-u Style", boosted a style that mixes inner outfit, outer outfit and shoes of similar colors.

The clothes and hats that Han wore were all sold out in stores across the country for two days after the episode was aired. The series was praised by critics for steering away from the typical revenge storyline and instead focuses on the complex psychology of the characters.

Series critic Gong Hee-jung said that it is different from other dramas about conflicts between couples in that it "closely depicted the psychology of the characters in each situation". The production team also received positive reviews for their willingness to push the boundaries not only with the story but with their unique filming approach. Meanwhile, culture critic Hwang Jin-mi criticized the series questioning if the portrayal of the main character's fear of being a divorcee fits with society today.

The drama series sparked viewer criticisms for a violent scene featured in Episode 8, which was edited from the perpetrator's view similar to what it is in virtual reality. On the other hand, there were viewers who found the "first-person perspective" camerawork to be refreshing and experimental in the Korean drama scene as it added to the overall tension of the moment. There was also a controversial scene that was deemed to be a "commercialization of sex" in the drama when a female character asked for a luxury bag in return for sexual favours.

It was criticized for the manner in which it depicts the theme. After the controversies, the Korea Communications Standards Commission suggested that new measures had to be take to curb inappropriate content on South Korean television, as such plot points promote violence and deliver negative messages about women. Committee member Park Sang-soo claimed that "the scene of the assault is cruel" and that "the scene of the female character demanding the luxury bag shows a disgusting view of women".

However, there were differing opinions saying that television should be more bold with more mature content as such situations are realistic. As a result, the series received a warning from the broadcasting committee, although no penalty was given to JTBC. This marked the highest viewership by a series episode aired on a local cable channel and the second-highest for all programs aired on cable networks.

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