When do devi and paxton hook up

Proceed with caution. Never Have I Ever Season learn more here said to hell with love triangles and introduced a love…square? A love cube? Ddevi up, folks. Season 2 ended with Devi and Paxton making their relationship official at the school dance, so Season 3 kicks off with them full-on dating. Paxton tells Fo not to engage with the troll, but her curiosity gets the best of her and she seeks the girl out. Not cool, bro!

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Here's what happens. Never Have I Ever xnd officially back! Paxton, Ben or Des? However, it is clear that Ben Jaren Lewison still has feelings for Devi and it wouldn't be Never Have I Ever if there wasn't some sort of love triangle. On top of china dating app, season 3 adds a third love interest to the mix: private school hottie Des Anirudh Pisharody. Here's a breakdown of what happens.

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In the first episode, Devi embarks on a mission to find a boyfriend. But not any boyfriend. To her surprise, he tells her yes, but not that day. Later that week, Devi and Paxton arrange a time to do the deed, so she can lose paxhon virginity to the hottest guy in school. Paxton takes Devi to his house where he more info off his shirt.

They are source the same Paxtoj and English classes together. They have been broken up as of Devi and Paxton are currently good friends. Paxton and Devi's relationship can be described as somewhat chaotic, due to Devi's unpredictable nature and Paxton's tendencies to hide his emotions. Despite this, the two seem to have a heavy amount of respect for each other, supporting each other through tough times. For example, Paxton helped her in many acts such as supporting a sobbing Devi after she and Eleanor had a fight, whereas Devi helped Paxton to gain belief in his academic prowess, which in turn boosted his self-confidence. Paxton has saved Devi twice while at a party, once when got attacked by a coyote who she thought was her dadand when she had a fight with her best friends Fabiola and Eleanor and she fell into the pool.

The first season of Never Have I Ever introduces us to Devi Maitreyi Ramakrishnan , a chaotic but loveable teenager who is hellbent on being normal and finding a boyfriend, as she processes the grief of losing her dad. At first, she has a crush on popular jock Paxton Darren Barnet but she also develops feelings for her academic rival Ben Jaren Lewison.

Never Have I Ever season 1 ends with Paxton realising that he's in love with Devi but it also ends with Devi kissing Ben for the first time. Season 2 picks up right where we left off but there is a whole journey with the Devi, Paxton and Ben love triangle before we get to the ending.

With that in mind, here's your guide to who Devi ends up with. As a result, she consults with her best friends, Fabiola and Eleanor. Devi confides in them that she has more of an emotional connection to Ben but obviously still fancies Paxton.

The girls tell her to pick Paxton because he is so hot. However, Devi still can't decide and, since she thinks that she is about to move to India with her family, she chooses to date them both without them each knowing.

This is all comes to a head when Devi hosts a party and Ben and Paxton find out that she has been lying to them. They both break up with her, and Paxton storms into the street and is hit by a car.

Paxton is fine. However, he's unable to swim as usual due to injuries and has to focus on his academics to get into college. The school asks Devi to tutor him and she agrees out of guilt. In doing so, they start to form a friendship. The two hit it off at the party and Des even offers to help her make Paxton jealous.

They start dancing and flirting, and by the end of the night Devi officially has a new crush. After a rocky ghosting sesh, Des and Devi start dating in secret. To solve that problem, Devi tricks her mom into going out so she can invite Des and his friends over for a game night.

But in a twist, Nalini gives Devi permission to date Des, so they make things official. Rhyah finds her in the bathroom crying, and after the concert, she tells Des he needs to break up with Devi because she has too many issues. Ben overhears Rhyah talking smack after the concert and lets Devi know like the good friend he is. Speaking of Ben, he has quite the eventful Season 3 himself.

His girlfriend Aneesa Megan Suri breaks up with him and he asks his art tutor on a date, all while secretly crushing on Devi. Ben, fresh out of the shower, opens it and asks her what she needs. They kiss, he shuts his bedroom door, and the end credits roll. So there you have it, Team Bevi. Season 3 ends with Devi and Ben smooching.

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