When god doesnt approve of the person youre dating

When god doesnt approve of the person youre dating

I often speak to Christian women frustrated by the lack of dating options in their circle of peers. But when I suggest they consider online dating, I am universally received with shock. Article source few weeks ago on my weekly Facebook live, I talked about this topic watch the video here. It was requested that Daing write a post to go with it, so following is a transcript of the points I made in the video. Sometimes trust IS a matter of waiting on the Lord. But there are many times when faith necessitates action.

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Many of us grow up believing in the perfect marriage found in fairy tales. We want the true love that we can find in the Bible — our soul mate sent from God Himself. Are you in need a wakeup call in your marriage? A marriage is supposed to glorify God. Dafing should be the foundation of the relationship, and the couple should celebrate Him each and every day. When you are married to ot non-believer, you are doing a disservice to God. This disconnect can make it very difficult for the believer and non-believer to live in harmony, because fundamental values are different.

When God Doesn’t Approve of the Person You’re Dating


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What does the Bible say and what does God want from us, when learn more here Christians are having a hard time connecting with other believers? Life is difficult at times — and older Christian singles often come to goc point that they believe there is not a Christian mate for them. Someone comes into their life that is very strong morally and they begin to question whether or not they should go ahead and date this person. I encourage you to keep your focus on God and invite His direction in all your relationships. Do be friends with unbelievers and use the friendship as you are led by His Spirit to share the love, joy, and peace you find in being a Christian. Ask God to use you to bring them to Christ.

Was Abraham lacking faith for not believing God could bring a Rebekah to Canaan for his son? To the contrary, Abraham was acting on His faith that God wanted a righteous spouse for his child and in that day, they achieved those ends through arranged marriage — not so the case today. Seeking out godly company is acting on faith: faith that God has a plan and timing for your future, and taking a step of faith in His provision. That involves risk. We have the freedom of choosing a spouse from among the Christ-followers we meet — but we have to meet them!

We should live lives sold out to Christ, pursuing His commission, and actively put ourselves in a place to meet people who know Him — even online. Not everyone will meet their spouse online, including those who online date. I myself online dated briefly before I met my husband — and we met at our alma mater.

Sometimes, He gives us freedom to choose a door to walk through. Those doors may be a singles group at your church, a new gym class — or online dating. Weirdos are a universal aspect of society. Have you felt that you have lost yourself in the relationship? Maybe you once were a confident individual, but recently you feel like you are shutting down. No man or wife should ever make their partner feel that they are not good enough.

You are good enough for God, as He created you to be beautiful. God would give you a spouse that knows your value. Making the choice to marry someone based on their income, social status, or the like is incredibly risky. None of these earthly things are guaranteed to last forever. Furthermore, we are told that money is not the key to happiness. Our lives should be lived in a way that glorifies God, because that is what will bring you true happiness. They might have a heart that lusts for money over God, or they treat you poorly or only as a trophy spouse.

That is not the way God wanted us to live out our marriages. There is perhaps nothing more detrimental to a relationship than lying. This goes much deeper than a little fib about whether you took out the garbage or ate all the leftovers. To be an equal yoke is I believe someone who is of the same Holy spirit, so a born again person born from the Spirit of God.

Someone who at some point in life dedicated his or her life to God by surrendering to Him. There are christians in your church that never really did this. They are I believe, cultural christians. If you marry them, you will also be married to someone unequally yoked.

Thank you for encouragement message, nowadays as you said unbelievers have stronger moral then some Christians. Sadly experienced on my own. What can you say to a person who does believe in god and not in any religion? And he is morally strong? True words and I would add that equally yoked also should be interpreted as equally mature in Christ. If God took the time to be specific on a topic, I will not go contrary. May times when we take the path that we know better than God, we tend to find ourselves in painful regrettable positions.

Thanks for the advice. You are very true and correct. My experience of dating a non believer with the hope of changing them is soooo painful. We ended relationship very ugly. The worst is then he left me with a daughter of 3 months.

In your first bullet point you mention that marrying a nonbeliever is akin to marrying someone from a different culture. This is not accurate. While interacial relationships call for different kind of work, sacrifices and middle grounds in comparison to same culture relationships, saying that interacial marriage or relationship is similar to a marriage with a non believer is an extreme statement. All christ followers, regardless of what culture or cultures they come from are believers and none should be led to think that marrying into different culture is related to or akin to marrying a non believer, because it is not.

Neither her sister,until her 50s and to a nonbeliever. I think we should be counseling believers these days they may not find someone in our culture as it is and christianity stats are diminishing. The only choice is to remain single in these situations.

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